Maromba’s numbers Pan Pacific 2012

The 2012 Kapai Puku Pan Pacific Championship happened on the last 16th, 17th and 18th of November at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.
It was the biggest Pan Pacs ever. There was a good structure, good fights on the weekend, the black belt division was full of good fighters and the level of BJJ in this country is better every day!!
Maromba Academia Australia joined that comp for the second time and like last year we did a great job this year as well.
The team results were very solid and we got the second place on Female adult division, forth place on Male adult division and fifth place on Juniors and Juveniles.

On open class division we had fighters on the finals of male division white, blue and purple belt Gi. On Female division we had fighters on white and blue no Gi open class final and white and purple Gi open class final.
On juniors and Juveniles we got to the finals on gi and No gi white belt

Special mention for the finalists

Jaiden Brandy
open Novice Youth Gi and gold

Shantelle Thompson
open Novice Gi and No Gi gold

Maka Tanginoa
open Novice Gi gold

Livia Gluchowska
open Blue belt No Gi silver

Jess Fraser
open purple belt Gi silver

Kain Karnis
open blue belt Gi silver

Josh Fraraccio
open Purple belt Gi silver

The number of competitors increased 46%
2011 – 36 competitors
2012 – 52 competitors

Team’s results

Male Division points increased 16%
2011 – 78 points
2012 – 92 points

Female Division points increased 52%
2011 – 48 points
2012 – 73 points

Juniors and Juveniles Division points increased 300%
2011- 10 points
2012- 40 points

Overall results
2011 Male division 5th place
2012 Male division 4th place

2011 Female division 1st place
2012 Female division 2nd place

2011 Juniors and Juveniles division 10th
2012 Juniors and Juveniles division 5th

Total of Medals
2011 – 13 golds
2012 – 17 golds

2011 – 8 silvers
2012 – 14 silvers

2011 – 3 bronzes
2012 – 9 bronzes

Total of Medals 2011 – 21 (average of 0.58 medals per athlete)
Total of Medals 2012 – 40 (average of 0.77 medals per athlete)

We have been improving on all divisions even on girls overall score we got more medals and we made more points than last year.
It shows we are working on the right way, but it is a long journey to be one of the giants in Australia, and we will work hard for that happens in the future.
Thanks for all the crew who made it possible, who competed and who didn’t but helped the team during training sessions, everybody was very important for the final result.
Thank you very much coaches Bernard Jenkins, Daniel Cherubin, Mick Moloney, Jim Reid and Brad Lowe.

Below is the list of medalists

Pan Pacs 2012

BJJ Weight Divisions

Hi Guys,

This is the first post of our new blog. This blog will bring you information about our club, competition details, competition results  information about the rules of BJJ, some good interviews and tips about training, diet, recovery and physiotherapy.

In this first post, let’s talk about an important part of BJJ competition — the weight divisions.

Every competitor has to know their weight division and aim to keep their weight at the top of that division. This will ensure that you always feel strong and heavy when you compete. You have to be careful when you are around the top of a weight division though. Missing weight, losing to the scales and wasting all the hard preparation that you did is really unacceptable.

Another important thing you should know is that weight divisions are different for gi and no gi competition and sometimes you may actually be competing in two different divisions. Make sure you check the table below and consider this.

I hope that answers some of the questions that you may have had about weight divisions in BJJ.